Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nemesis of confusion and delusion

Tusar N Mohapatra said... And therefore, THE LIFE DIVINE is the last word. The nemesis of confusion and delusion. Further, there is SAVITRI.
So, start reading and stop worrying. 10:18 PM

We belong to the noons of the future

Tusar N Mohapatra said... So much of cacophony over a minor metaphysical riddle which Sri Aurobindo solved almost a century ago. He makes a clear distiction between the Soul and the Psychic Being. He also talks about the Desire Soul. This philosophical feat became posssibe only after the Darwinian revolution, leaving Sankhya's Purusha, Shankara's Atman or Leibniz's Monad outdated. 8:55 PM
Tusar N Mohapatra said... No student of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo would ever concede defeat before any ontological argument, whether received or contrived. We belong to the noons of the future as no one in the human history has offered a more coherent philosophy or theology. A robust metaphysical system steeped in religious fervour and spiritual possibility. 1:18 AM