Tuesday, September 08, 2015

No modality to judge each other's action or experience

It's not "by not discussing things in the light of His teachings" rather by discussing things in the light of His teachings is what I had in my mind. However, individual inspiration is paramount and must be followed as the occasion demands. [TNM55]
A very valid question, and let me attempt to answer again by borrowing your own phrase, "the very light." How do we describe that? It's not about their writings alone. Their life history, and their dealings with the disciples and so on. On the part of the followers, what they imagine, what they see in their dreams etc. So defining that "light" is not easy; further, there is no modality to judge each other's action or experience. It's a free world. But when the followers come together and participate in some collective action, then it takes a specific form, which Justice O. Chinnappa Reddy has identified as legitimate religious practice in the famous Auroville Case.

How to communicate about it to the younger generation? Some nomenclature is needed; Savitri Era or anything. Depends upon which phrase (including, "the very light") becomes popular and endures. Sri Aurobindo with Barin (and later, Motilal) had thought of a Deva Sangha. Thus, a name for describing "Ourselves" is necessary, if not mandatory. [TNM55]
No doubt, you have stated your case (or, rather verdict) with clarity but it seems to me that it's out of sync with reality. I'd, however, prefer to wallow in my "confusion" and continue to propagate Savitri Era Religion with full conviction, since everyone is entitled to his or her inspiration (or, stupidity). [TNM55]

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